Travel skincare on a long haul flight! 

Hi guys, it’s your Expert Skin Therapist here.

I am in mid-flight on my way to Dubai. I just wanted to show you how you can survive Economy Class air travel and still arrive with skin that’s intact and happy and healthy. Air conditioning is the worst thing for your skin. You probably feel, when you’ve flown before, how dry you get. Even the insides of your nostrils start to burn because the air is just so dry. It has an impact on your skin particularly if you are a little bit dry skinned, which I am. You may go either way. You may find you’re super dry, or this environment might also exacerbate oily skin so you can have that super, greasy oily oil spill happen during the course of your flight. You just get to the other end, to your destination, just not feeling very fresh.


I’m going to show you what it is that I do to survive air travel.

I’ll do this several times throughout the flight, particularly a flight that I’m on now, which is going to be about 15 hours. I’ve actually forgotten my cleansing milk, which I would always use to start with. When I fly, I don’t wear makeup. I don’t wear makeup normally, but I particularly don’t wear mascara or my brow gel or eyeliner when I fly. Most of the time, I spend my time wrapped up in one of these, head wrapped in a scarf and not looking very glam. You’re getting to see me looking my travel glamour today because I’m showing this video with you.

What you want to do is keep your skin really well hydrated.


Also, add an oil to lock in that hydration. Water is just going to evaporate out of your skin. I love my Dermaviduals face Tonic. It is full of cucumber extract, and it’s going to just keep my skin super hydrated. I just put a couple of sprays of this on. Look, my eye bags. I’ve been awake for like 24 hours and I just had like a three hour sleep once the plane took off. Food is coming, so of course I’m awake for that. Hydration spurts with your face tonic.


I have made myself my very own custom blended flight serum. What I do in my clinic is that I custom make serums for our clients. It’s based specifically on what your skin needs. For me, I’ve added some avocado oil, some boswellia to help with collagen and anti-inflammatory. I’ve got some hyaluronic acid in mine, which is also a great hydrator. I’m just going to pop a couple of drops of that on. Every time I fly, this is the serum that I make, and it just saves my skin. It’s super rich and it’s just super nourishing. It’s going to get me through the next couple of hours as I have a little snooze.


The finishing skincare touches.

Then I follow this with Oleo Gel. I find that this is nice and nourishing. It’s full of liquids. It’s just pure oils in here. If you’ve got a moisturiser, you can put that on. I wasn’t very prepared, and I don’t have my moisturiser with me. I’m normally a good packer, but this time, was running a little bit late. I packed two hours before I had to leave for my flight. All these things are super easy to do. You don’t even have to go to the bathroom because eww. Although, this flight is super empty, so the bathrooms are going to stay relatively clean for an aeroplane bathroom. It’s great, I have a whole row to myself, so I’m just going to stretch out and have a good sleep so I wake up feeling really refreshed when I get there.


When I don’t get a row to myself, I stretch out as much as I can in my seat, wrap myself up in my scarf with my eye mask on, so the light is all blocked out. I snooze as much as I can. What I also have is my lip balm. This is the best lip balm you will ever, ever buy. It just stays on. I only ever usually have to use it twice a day, but it’s amazing. Everyone, if you’ve got this, comment and just tell everyone how amazing it is. Once you put this, you just never go back. It’s just my saviour.


I don’t wear contacts, I wear glasses. If you’re flying, I would probably recommend just switching your contacts to your glasses just because everything dries out. Another thing, a friend of mine, the beautiful Peta from Professional Babe, has hooked me up with some On Guard which is great because the guy behind me has not stopped hacking and coughing and sneezing. I’m getting a bit paranoid that I’m going to get sick. Yeah, I’ve got this, dabbed a little on a cotton pad, and I’m just sharing the love with that around to just keep those germs away. I’ve also got some Digest Zen which when, because I haven’t had any sleep for the last 24 hours. I get a bit funny on the tummy just because my body’s trying to tell me to go to sleep. That has helped amazingly. And hello, aeroplane food. It’s just going to help keep me nice and happy and healthy for the rest of my flight.

What else do I do when I travel?

Okay, you know how your nostrils get really dry?
I had one client tell me once that she went off to the bathroom and was just trying to put water up her nose, anything to try and alleviate that dryness and that burning feeling. What you want to do is keep … Add like an oil or moisturiser, just to your nostrils, just to help that dry, burning, horrible feeling. That always gets me through.

Do you know the hot towels that they bring you?
Do not put them on your face. What you’re doing is adding water to the surface of your skin and that helps to just create evaporation, and it draws out all of the hydration out of your skin. You’re going to use that towel, wipe over your seat you’re sitting, the tray table, just use that to kind of clean your space and your remote control. There’s lots of germies. I’m sure they clean the plane, but hey, you can never be too careful, and leisurely touch is where you’re going to catch all your bugs and your germs.


The other thing that I do is I always travel with my trusty travel scarf.
This one is my favourite that I bought from India some time ago and it goes with me everywhere. I wrap that around my head as well. I look like a treat, but I don’t care when I fly. What that does is it just creates an air pocket that keeps your breath kind of humid, so you’re not constantly breathing in that dry air and getting that dry throat. That’s how I survive a long flight.

Let’s get travelling! 

I hope that this have given you a bit of insight into how I travel, and air travel, and how to protect your skin. What I would highly recommend before you leave is to go and see your expert skin therapist and get a serum that you can use in-flight that is specific for your skin. Make sure to bring travel-sized skin care onto the flight. Everything that I’ve got is small enough to be let on the plane.

My meal is about to arrive, so I’m going to go and chow down on some aeroplane food, then I’m going to curl up and stretch out in my whole row and have a little snooze and see how much further we get before I wake up again. Then I might pop on a movie. Yeah. If you’re travelling, safe travels. If you’re planning to travel, plan ahead with your skin care. Yeah. I look forward to checking in for my holiday destination. See you.