Using the right skin care is VITAL to having the best skin of your life. But how long does it take to see results? 

You may have seen my recent post about my six week experiment, using department store skin care that was recommended by the beauty counter skin ‘expert’.

Before this experiment, my skin was plump, radiant and luminous. I was lipid dry, that’s my intrinsic skin type, I don’t naturally produce a lot of oil. Previously, I had found a balance and was really happy with my skin. I didn’t wear make up (in fact I still don’t own or wear foundation).

After using skin care that wasn’t skin ‘care’, my skin was dull, lined, red, flakey, blotchy, I had dermatitis on the bridge of my nose. My skin was sore to touch and lacked vibrance and glow.

You can read all about it here . You’ll see from the photos, my skin suffered terribly.

It was the worst 6 weeks of my life. I was still working in my skin clinic, still seeing clients, still consulting and teaching people about their skin and the result they could achieve.

I had to do all of this whilst they were starring at my dry, flaky, patchy, wrinkled and sore to touch face.

It gave me such a great insight into how the way our skin looks and feels, affects our inner self talk and our outer confidence.

I only did this for six weeks and already my confidence was feeling knocked, I can only imagine how I could feel after a year or two longer.

Sure, the experiment highlighted how the wrong skin care can impact your skin BUT what I want to highlight most is how long it took to get my skin back to the same healthy condition it was in before I started.

I used department store skin care for six weeks.

The repair process took 6 months!

Once I finished the experiment, I started the exact same journey as our regular clients.

Despite having every tool in the kit, with unlimited access to the best skin therapy in the world, I needed to be realistic in what I would expect of you, based on the time and money it takes to commit to healthy skin.

First I had to get off the wrong skin care and onto the right products!
I wanted to address the lines but first, we had to repair the damage.
Next step, regular skin treatments focusing on creating the healthiest skin possible.
This process book six month before I got my skin back to where I started.

What does it all mean? 

Results don’t happen overnight.
It took almost 6 months to correct skin that was damaged from 6 weeks of bad quality skin care. I had to be patient whilst my skin was changing and restoring.
Why tell you this? To encourage you to stick with the program and trust that you will see the end result. Your results may be faster, yours may be slower. It is all going to depend on where your skin health is at before we begin.

I know how it feels to have skin that is uncomfortable to live in, but I also know the results are worth the wait!!

If you need help with your skin, you’ve come to the right blog post! We’d love to help you with your skin. You can get in touch with us here!