This month SkintifiX turns 10!

I am so incredibly humbled to have reached this milestone, one that to any new business owner feels like the impossible dream. (I am well aware of the business statistics and to be one of the few who make it this far, I feel both proud and humbled)

I can hand on heart say that we wouldn’t be here without YOU!

It is because of your trust in us and your continued support in coming back again and again each month for your facials, skin care and laser hair removal treatments that we’ve grown and reached this incredible feat.

We wanted to mark this occasion with celebration in a significant way. Parties are great, but making a difference is better!
I believe that generosity has been one of the keys to our success and it is a strong thread in my business and personal life.


They say business isn’t personal but to my team and I and to our clients, everything about SkintifiX is absolutely personal! We wear our heart on our sleeve and no matter how much we grow, our core values are based around heart and soul and all that lies between.


So at the start of this year I put it to my team that I wanted to give part of our birthday month profits away. I set about looking at charities both local and international, something that spoke to our heartbeat.


Then, 6 weeks ago, I had a very vivid dream and I knew exactly where our proceeds were to go…


On Mothers day in 2018, One of our very dear clients, Helen Keevers suddenly passed away.
Our entire team were shocked and saddened, as over the years Helen truly had become part of our SkintifiX family.


Meet Helen

A serial facial lover and a Dermaviduals devotee, Helen would always come to unwind and it was our absolute honour to be the place of skin and soul restoration to this warrior of a woman. I was humbled that she entrusted us with her face but also her spirit, to hold space for her to recharge from what those who knew her, understood were incredibly challenging moments.

Helen, a social worker, was an advocate for those who were vulnerable and put her heart, health and wellbeing on the line in order to defend those who’s voices had been stolen. As the Head of Child Protection in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese, Helen played a pivotal role in the NSW Special Commission of the Inquiry and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. This role did not come without its incredibly difficult times.

Helen’s life work, not just her day job, was in assisting vulnerable people. This flowed over into every aspect of her life. In recent years, at an age when most of us would be considering slowing down and spending more time reaping the rewards of a lifetime of working, Helen connected with Aunty Elsie Randall, the heart and soul behind Free Spirit Aboriginal Art Gallery located in Mayfield.


Through cultural art workshops, Helen and Elsie recognised a need for greater support for those with disabilities who attended each week. I believe that we all can understand that connecting to our own culture provides a sense of meaning, pride and self-worth and that is exactly what these workshops provide to those who attend.
It was in building these relationships that Helen and Elsie could see a need for a culturally relevant assistance provider for those with complex needs.

Meet Justiz

What was born out of a need, Justiz is a social justice agency that understands the intergenerational trauma that many Aboriginal people experience and how important it is to work in a conscious way to connect and meet those in need, understanding where they are at.

It is through listening and deep understanding to more than just spoken words, that Helen and Elsie and the Justiz team help people to find their voice.
The Justiz agency provides quality, cultural appropriate support to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people with a disability throughout the Newcastle and Hunter region.

To celebrate our birthday, we have chosen to support Justiz. We believe that money creates opportunity and is a practical way of serving a community. Thoughts and well wishes are nice but a grass roots approach requires a bloody good fertiliser and financial funding is the fertiliser of big dreams!

Helen gave so much of her recent years to getting this community off the ground. It is now run by Aunty Elsie, Helen’s son Tom and his partner Shana, Elsie’s sister Minnie and their deadly Justiz team.

It is our mission to support them and aim to raise funds the entire month of June and are calling on our wider SkintifiX family to join us.


How can you help us support Justiz?


Every facial, skin treatment and laser hair removal treatment you have will give real cash to a community in need.

To celebrate our 10th Birthday Month, book any treatment and we will donate 10% of your treatment value to Justiz.

We need your help to spread the word!
We want to give and give big!
That means we need to do a record number of treatments!
The more we do, the more we can give!
One person alone can only go so far.

Let’s stand together and continue Helens dream.

Want to give more?

You will see this month that we have a range of Bestow teas that we’ve coined GenerosiTEA.
We are giving 100% of the profit of these teas to Justiz. Blended for supporting your skin from within, these tea’s make a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love.

By purchasing one of these tea’s you are supporting Justiz and helping us to give even more to support  Helens Cause.

Together we can make a difference!




Thank you for being part of our journey. We cannot do what we do without you. Thank you for evolving with us over the last decade, we look forward to sharing the next 10 years and beyond with you.
All my love,

Robyn McAlpine xx