Skin needling, micro needling, collagen induction therapy (CIT), whatever you like to call it, is fast becoming the most recognised treatment available for improving your skin without the need for ablative lasers or harsh chemical peels.


Don’t know what it is?

Let me explain…

Six teeny tiny needles are used to puncture your skin, causing a localised and controlled trauma. We create minute’ micro-channels in the skin, which kick start the regeneration of skin cells through your skins very own natural process of healing. This awakens the fibroblast cells that lie in our dermis (deeper layers of the skin), and healthy, brand new collagen is naturally produced.


Collagen who?

Think of collagen like the skeleton of our skin, it gives our skin support, firmness and elasticity. Our body is very efficient at making this amazing protein until about the age of 25, after which, less and less collagen is made. This means a weakening and a thinning of our skin, which simply means more sagging and more lines. Ahh… no thanks!

So collagen is a big deal, and kind of a nice thing to have in abundance within our skin. Trust me, you want lots of collagen! It makes our skin appear healthier, younger and more buoyant. Yes please!

But given we start to loose collagen simply because we age, it’s important to find ways to prolong and ignite our flailing supplies. Note, after the age of 40 we lose 1% of the protein annually! Yikes!!!


Say hello to out brand new Exceed skin needling device. Our new BFF!

Safety first, you’ll be happy to know that the Exceed is FDA approved as a class 2 medical device and TGA approved as a class 2b medical device, the only one on the market to have approval!

So what! you may say?

This means it has been given the highest level of safety approval worldwide!

With expert precision, technique and timing, the Exceed medical skin needling device triggers growth factors for building new collagen. (Yes, our saviour has arrived)

Whether you have had skin needling previously or not, the Exceed far surpasses all competitors.


This little guy is better for a multitude of reasons:

  • Not only are we able to adjust the depth of penetration, we can now adjust the speed at which we treat. This means we can create a more advanced and customised treatment depending on your individual skin concerns.
  • The device is equipped with a tilting needle plate, which means it adapts to the surface of the skin (it moulds with the contours of your skin) to ensure perfection and minimal epidermal trauma.
  • It creates up to 900 micro channels in the skin per second. Hello Collagen!!
  • Oh, and it’s super quiet and has a low vibration so it sounds just like a gentle hum. This gentle vibration also means a more comfortable treatment. Even our scaredy cat boss loves this treatment!

Whats all the hype?

Personally I was dubious about the new needling machine. I was so accustomed to our previous device and I’m such a stickler for the known. But I found myself pleasantly surprised.


If you’re wondering what it’s like to have a treatment, let me enlighten you.

I decided to test this little baby out to see if it’s worth all the hype.


Before having my first treatment I was a little nervous. I’ll be honest and let you know that I am a complete wuss when it comes to needles. Our previous micro needling device, whilst relatively tolerable, had me clenching the bed pretty tightly, particularly on areas like the forehead, upper lip and nose.


So here’s the run-down…

Prior to the treatment I sat under 10 minutes of Max LED light to awaken my cell-to-cell communication and ensure my skin was ready to make the most of the treatment.

The Exceed treatment itself only took approximately 10 minutes, and…. felt completely fine. All I felt was slight pressure in small circular motions.

Post treatment a specialized micro-biome mask was applied to my skin to calm and reduce inflammation. This was left on for 20 minutes, however once taken off, it was placed back into the packaging and I was able to use it when I arrived home.

How did I look afterwards?


If you know me, you know I have naturally red skin, which means I flush and blush easily and look like a beetroot after my morning run, so I was expecting to be somewhat ‘radiant red’ after this treatment.

That night my skin felt like a mild sunburn and was slightly itchy. 24 hours post treatment my skin was just slightly flushed, and felt a little tight. By day 4 my skin was dry and had started to flake slightly, but I was booked in for my follow-up enzyme treatment (included in the CIT treatment), which removed all this flakiness and left my skin baby-smooth.

One week post treatment my skin felt amazing! But I know the best it yet to come.

I will always inform clients that the most dramatic results will become apparent 3 months after their first skin needling treatment. We recommend 3-4 sessions, based 4 weeks apart, however if you are wanting to target pitted scarring, you will require additional treatments for revision.

The Exceed skin needling device has seriously blown me away. We now have the ability to take your skin correction to the next level!

No other device has the capabilities of this machine or the medical backing. Exceed is backed by medical studies that prove the reduction of scarring and wrinkles.

So if you are ready to take the next step in treating your fine lines, pigmentation, acne, enlarged pores, scarring, uneven skin texture, uneven skin tone… pretty much everyone and anyone, the Exceed treatment is the one for you!