Since falling pregnant I have been doing a lot of personal research into what baby skin care products are available and what these so-called ‘appropriate’ products actually have in them. What I have found is shocking, hence my need to write this blog post.

After visiting my midwife last Friday she dumped me with a mountain of a popluar brand of baby skin care products with a big smile on her face like she was doing me a favour. Ummm, they went straight in the bin as soon as I got home!!

Looking into the ingredients that goes into this popluar supermarket/chemist bought baby skin care left me feeling sick. For example: if you take a close look at the baby wash. The second ingredient found in this so-called ‘ideal for newborns’ range is sodium laureth sulphate(SLES).

The purpose of SLES is to create the cleansing ‘foam’ that we notice in hair and body products. Many years ago, SLES’ much harsher cousin Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) was used in these products until it was deemed too hazardous on the skin. SLS is found in car wash, detergents, drain cleaners etc.

Now, even though SLES is the gentler version of SLS, the process in which it goes through to become ‘gentler’ is the hidden danger. The process of conversion results in the production of 1,4 dioxane. Now this little guy is listed as ‘reasonably anticipated’ to be a human carcinogen!!!

Yep, that’s right! And it’s everywhere, throughout the skincare industry. Especially in big name baby brands!!

As soon-to-be or new mums we want the very best for our bubs. However the education we gain as to what to use on our little cherub usually comes from what we see on tv, or what we hear when we walk into chemist’s/department stores. This information for the most part is a BIG. FAT. LIE! and comes from big brand business’ wanting to gain as much as they can from the ever-expanding booming baby business.

So, what should we be doing for our little one’s?

What baby skin care should we be rubbing on their little bottoms, or popping into their baths?

In all honesty, NOT MUCH!

Less is most definitely more when it comes to babies and young children.

There is no reason to clean baby’s skin with cleansers, liquid soaps, shampoos, shower creams on a daily basis. Lukewarm, soft water serves its purpose and will eliminate a lot less of the natural protective substances that our little babies’ body badly needs. Liquid soaps and shampoos simply strip bubs’ skin leaving it exposed and vulnerable.

It has been proven in recent studies that over-cleansing during infancy correlates with cases of atopic and sensitive skin later in life and a higher frequency of ‘diaper dermatitis’.

Also, being ‘over-sterile’ with our babies is leading to an increasing prevelence of skin barrier disorders such as dermatitis, sensitised skin and allergic reactions.

Just like the other organs of the body, the skin literally makes its experiences and undergoes a learning process. Baby and toddler skin undergoes a process of adapting to its environment in order to become resistant against all kinds of external influences. Over-cleansing and creaming is like taking away the skin’s educational institution. Our poor skin becomes illiterate and confused, not the highly educated organ we want it to be to take on the world.

Yes, as mum’s we put pressure on ourselves to be as perfect as possible, the immaculately clean house, the pristine child who is cleaned and sterilised to within an inch of it’s life….

Please STOP! Studies have shown that extremely protected skin is not as resistant as skin that, during early childhood has come in contact with the real world……..

Let those bubs play in the dirt, get messy, eat that sultana they found under the lounge
It’s good for them, and good for their skin!

Now, in terms of what we should be using on bubs’ skin when something IS needed.
We need to be using products free from sulphates, emulsifiers, silicones, preservatives, and fragrances. These ingredients are only going to irritate and disturb bub’s natural PH.

From all my research, the best of the best and free from ALL of these nasties is a brand called Dermaviduals. I have been working with Dermaviduals for almost 2 years now and once falling pregnant it was my mission to investigate the market and ‘shop around’ to see if there was anything ‘more’ appropriate.

Yes I work with these products daily and love them, but before choosing them for MY baby’s skin I honestly wanted to scour the market to try to find anything that came close. I’m not writing this for you guys to sell you products… I want you to walk away from reading this feeling more educated and confident that what you are putting on your prince/princesses skin is the best thing possible for them!!

Nothing I looked at came close to Dermaviduals, so here’s a bit of info and my top pics for bub.

Dermaviduals allows you to clean the skin without the use of strong surfactants and detergents, and can aid in the repair of cradle cap, nappy rash, dry skin, skin irritations and eczema. It is also the brand chosen to treat cancer patient’s skin post treatment. It’s THAT good J

As I discussed earlier, “Less is More” and honestly, there isn’t a real need to be using creams, lotions and potions every day. However, if your little cherub is in need of a good wash after a number 3 explosion, or suffers from eczema or dermatitis and is needing ‘treatment’ then let me excite you J

TOTAL CLEANSING CREAM is a great gentle hair and body wash that contains skin-friendly cleansing agents that are not going to strip the neutral PH of bubs skin, therefore preventing bubs skin from drying out. Its orange oil content provides a slight scent without adding perfumes.

CLEANSING MILK with DMS This gem is ideal for baby skin, Yes… it’s normally a facial cleanser (for grown ups) but it contains all the natural lipids that bub’s skin is still developing and helps to support the barrier protection of their skin. This cleanser will be my go-to on the days where we have managed to stay “number 3” free. (I’ve heard nothing can prepare you for those!)

For those bubs suffering from eczema/dermatitis the TENFIONE SEMISOMAL BATH OIL is a must!! This natural bath oil is enriched with avocado oil, antioxidants and Vitamin E to create a protective cleansing action when added to bubs bath. You simply add 10-20mL to the bath. The water turns translucent and milky. I have just bought this to put away for when our little girl arrives J

Last of all, every mummy should have a jar of OLEOGEL PLUS in their nappy bag and at home. This jar of goodness contains high-quality skin care oils of plant origin that penetrate quickly. The gel is free from water and therefore can be bottled free of preservatives. Being free from water also means that there’s no sting when applied to a red raw bottom.
I will be using this for my baby girl’s face, bottom and everywhere in between if suffering from dribble/nappy rash, but is also great for treatment of eczema/ dermatitis/cradle cap and brilliant for cracked/chaffed nipples. I even have this now for my go-to lip balm, and used it a few months ago when I came up with some dry patches over my chest.

I was so surprised by how many of my expecting girlfriends really wanted to know more and that’s why I decided to write this, so I could pass on a small % of my knowledge to you 🙂

I hope that this has helped you to make better choices for your precious baby’s skin. Don’t fall for the marketing and the pretty pastel label without first looking a little closer at the not so pretty list of culprits on the back, the ingredients list cant lie!

Love Rachael xx


PS: Just to give you an update, Rachael gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and is now expecting her second baby. Rach cannot praise her Dermaviduals products enough! She couldn’t praise her Oleogel enough for nappy cream, dry skin, cracked lips, cracked nipples…. The works!!! xx