Max+ LED Light Therapy

For skin that glows!

Skin Treatments

Do you ever wake up and feel like your skin looks dull, sallow or just ‘meh’? Is your skin slow to heal, marks from pimples linger, your breakouts never seem to clear up? Is your skin red, inflamed, always flaring up with the slightest change in weather?

L.E.D light therapy is the perfect solution for you!
This treatment is non-invasive, UV free and all about working below your skins surface, to communicate with cell function. Light, broken down into visible wavelengths interacts with individual cell functions to calm inflammation, is kryptonite to acne, stimulates collagen production, hydrates deeper layers and restores perfect balance to your skin. Specific LED wavelengths are kryptonite to acne and the inflammatory

This treatment is perfect for all skin types and conditions and is integral to restoring impaired, sluggish, inflamed skin conditions. We recommend it as an add on or as a stand alone treatment.
We use a MAX+LED machine- known for wavelength precision (vital for true cellular rejuvenation) and cellular response time, we’ve fondly nicknamed him MAX….
If you’d love to spend some time with MAX, book an appointment with one of our expert skin therapists.

Max + LED
40 mins

This treatment will give your skin a glowing boost; perfect for a pick me up or as a treat for your skin right before a special occasion. Taken in a program with weekly visits, the results from this treatment give your skin a long lasting radiance. We let MAX- our LED machine work its magic whilst we got to work massaging your legs and feet. Total Bliss!

55 mins

This treatment has all the elements to give your mind a break from the outside world and the technology to leave your skin glowing and renewed. Incorporating an enzyme exfoliation to further improve circulation and pore cleansing, MAX our LED machine goes to work whilst we go to work massaging your legs and feet.

10 x 20 minute sessions

The benefits of LED light therapy are accumulative and visible! We want to give you as much opportunity to spend time with MAX and have created a casual pass that allows you to drop in when your schedule allows. THe MAX pass gives you 10 x 20 minute casual sessions. Arrive with clean skin and slip into our room setup with everything you need to take 20 minutes out of your day. Pop on moisturiser and eye cream and you’re ready to return to life- glowing and radiant!