frequently asked questions

Is Laser Hair removal Painful?

You will certainly be able to feel the laser hair removal treatment but it should not be any more uncomfortable than waxing. In fact most of our clients tell us that Laser is far more comfortable than waxing. If you are finding your treatments unbearable, speak to your laser therapist, as they may need to evaluate your settings. Often the people who tell you Laser Hair Removal treatments are really painful have either never had treatments or not experienced laser hair removal at Laser Effect.

Why are some laser treatments cheaper than chips and others more expensive?

If you truly believe that you pay for what you get then you will know that cheap does not equal better.
To offer a safe, effective treatment that will give you outstanding results requires a partnership of:
– exceptionally trained, highly experienced laser therapists
– top of the line laser equipment (cheaper imports infiltrate the industry)
– safe laser practices and compliance to safety regulations (See our duty of care)
– hygienic cleaning of laser consumables between each client
– regular servicing and maintenance of the laser with GENUINE parts (not cheap imported)
To provide this costs money and to be able to provide a ‘cheaper than chips’ treatment means compromising somewhere along the line. Something that we simply cannot do whilst still maintaining integrity and providing you with the very best treatment.

What side effects can I expect?

Immediately after your laser hair removal treatment your skin may feel warm, you may experience mild swelling of the follicle and some mild redness/pinkness of your skin. This will begin to subside and settle within hours of your treatments and should be completely settled within 24-48 hours. Some clients may experience a mild “sunburn” like feeling for around 24hours post treatment.
Blisters, burns, scars and pigmentation changes are complications that can occur but only in very rare cases. Despite what some technicians may say, blisters are NOT a normal or common reaction and can be avoided by adhering to the Pre and Post treatment instructions and also by making sure you are being treated by a well trained, experienced therapist.
The Laser’s used at Laser Effect is a medically approved FDA Laser’s and the most effective, safest, most hygienic, comfortable and fastest of hair removal devices available for most skin types.

Am I a good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal does not work on Blonde, Red, Grey, White or very light/fair hair. So if your have a combination of these colours, Laser will not work for you. Laser works best for clients with light skin and dark hair. With the Laser technology used at Laser Effect, we can safely treat clients with a darker skin but this will be determined at your consultation. We offer every consultation a FREE test patch so that you can see how your skin will respond, you can feel the laser on your skin, and see what happens to the hair. If you aren’t sure if you are suitable, book in for our free, no obligation consultation.

How many treatments will I need?

Our clients usually achieve 80-95% reduction with 6-8 laser hair removal treatments. The “uniqueness of you” is also a big factor that will determine the number of treatments you need. Factors that may affect the treatments you require can include hereditary conditions, ethnicity, hormonal concerns, medications, lifestyle factors etc. We do our best to achieve great results but ultimately, your body will determine how many treatments you need and how long your results will last.

How frequent will my treatments be?

With Laser Hair Removal, we recommend body areas to be treated every 8-10 weeks. Areas on the face need treatments every 4-6 weeks. Any sooner than these time frames, you may be wasting your money on unnecessary treatments. Any laser hair removal treatment on your body inside of 7 weeks is not timed for the most effective results.

Will my results be permanent?

No guarantees can be made as your body is covered by millions of dormant hair follicles. While these follicles are dormant, they a will not being treated by the laser. Over you lifetime these follicles may be stimulated to start producing hair. Things that can stimulate hair follicles include: Hormones, genetics, ethnicity, medication, stress, trauma and underlying conditions. Our clients will often finish their course of treatments and return every 12-18months for a quick top up treatments to reduce any new growth.

Can I have treatments during summer?

With any Laser hair removal treatment, it is of utmost importance that you are protecting your skin from the sun at all times during your treatment course.
This is to ensure that your laser treatments are as safe as possible and to reduce your risk of heat related side effects. We recommend wearing protective clothing and 30+ Sunscreen for the duration of your laser treatments. If you do have a tan or sunburn, you will need to postpone your laser hair removal treatments.

I had a blister from another salon and they told me that this was normal. Is that true?

Generally speaking there is a risk of these things happening with any laser hair removal treatments, but it should not be happening so regularly as to call it a “normal” reaction. Make sure the clinic or salon you have chosen have a proven track record of safety and invest in a very high level of staff training, continued learning and development.
You as the client also have the responsibility of following pre and post treatment protocols as this will ensure that your skin is prepared for the treatment and again reduces your risks of any more severe side effect.

Can I have laser treatments when I am pregnant?

Due to the hormonal changes that happen in your body during pregnancy, commonly excessive hair growth, laser treatments can be less effective during this period so it is better to look at alternative hair management options until you have had your baby.
If you fall pregnant during your course of laser hair removal, your treatments will need to be postponed and taken up again once you’ve had your baby. WE can then pick up where we left off and continue on your laser hair removal journey.