It might look like we dont have many facials on our menu…

Skin Treatments

… but it couldn’t be further from the truth. We create bespoke facials that are unique to you and your skin. This creates thousands of treatment combinations with endless opportunities to create the healthiest skin possible!

To make it easy we’ve created 4 Super Facials.
Each of them allows you to decide how much you want to invest both in time and your money and our team work within that guideline to create a unique facial each and every time.
This gives us the opportunity to create remarkable results, because we’re not restricted by a pre-set facial recipe that isn’t the perfect fit for you.

We include exfoliation, serum infusions and tailor made mask in each bespoke performance facial.
Each facial begins a brief discussion to assess your skin between visits, followed by the most amazing custom made facial you will ever have!

Combined with all the elements of decadent luxury and serious skin treatment results!
Each of these facials can be custom designed to target:

• Acne
• Scarring
• Congestion
• Dehydration
• Dryness
• Redness
• Rosacea
• Ageing
• Sensitivity
• Pigmentation
And so much more…

30 mins

This is our therapist choice “go to” treatment for immediate skin clearing results when you don’t have much time to spare. Enzymes from fruit extracts give a thorough exfoliation without the harshness of microdermabrasion or the destruction of acids or peels.

You will see clearer pores, an even skin tone, smooth texture and calm radiance. Enzyme therapy is included in each of our Performance Facials but can also be taken as a stand alone treatment.

20 mins

For clearing of congestion, releasing breakouts and clearing debris from your skin.

45 mins including consultation

Designed for maintenance after a course of treatments, Level 1 Performance gives your skin a boost of actives and maintains the results you’ve achieved. This treatment allows your therapist to custom mix a mask that will infuse active ingredients into your skin. Level 1 performance is a great introductory facial if you’ve not worked with us before or even as a way to try new products.

55 mins including consultation

Designed with more power than level 1, Level 2 Performance will work on how your skin is functioning and begin to create cellular changes. By having more treatment options, your therapist can tailor a treatment that will leave your skin renewed and your mind and body feeling completely refreshed.

75 mins including consultation

The most popular facial on our menu

The crème de la crème of performance facials. Level 3 Performance allows your skin therapist to have free reign of equipment and ingredients to really create some significant changes in your skin. With multiple serum infusion and LED Light therapy, the opportunities for skin rejuvenation are endless. With time to really relax and unwind in the care of expert, pampering hands, you will wake (we dare you to not fall asleep!) from this facial completely restored.

90 mins including consultation

The connoisseur’s facial of facials. Level 4 focuses on getting active ingredients deeper and infused for longer to ensure maximum cellular hydration, detoxification and intense skin rejuvenation from the inside out. Combined with enzymatic exfoliation, LED light therapy, double mask applications and the right amount of massage to send you into a state of bliss, this facial is the ultimate combination of intense skin restoration and complete soul revival. So relaxing that snoring is expected and encouraged.