Collagen Induction Therapy

When used skin-telligently, Collagen Induction Therapy is the most effective skin rejuvenation tool we’ve ever come across.

Skin Treatments

Commonly known as ‘skin needling’, dermal needling or dermal rolling, for many years this has been a staple in our toolkit of skin repair and we know how use it and use it well.

Not all skin needling treatments are created equally. With our years of experience we’ve learned that more painful is not better when it comes to results. You will see blood covered images all over the internet promoting this treatment but we have created a trauma free technique that reprograms your skin resulting in smooth, healthy, firm skin. There is so much than just simply rolling needles across your skin. Precision, technique and timing is what makes our treatments stand out above all others. Knowing the correct depths to triggering the specific growth factors for collagen building is really important when it comes to Collagen Induction Therapy. Deeper does not automatically equal better when you understand how collagen is formed and the processes that your skin goes through in the days after a clinical treatment. As every skin is unique, so is our approach to dermal needling and the program we create that is unique to you. Frequency and number of treatments, along with depth, ingredients and timing will all vary depending on your skin condition, rate of cellular life cycle and your desired outcome.

With the right blend of ingredients and when timed perfectly for your skin, we love CIT for:

• Minimizing fine lines
• Reducing pore size and improve your skin’s texture
• Increasing your skin’s natural collagen formation
• Scar reduction and acne scarring

• Strengthening internal structures of your skin
• As part of a program to treat pigmentation
• To assist with sluggish skin that is slow to heal post breakout
• Smoothing congestion

With both the option for home rolling and dermal rolling treatments within the clinic, we can guide you through getting the most spectacular, long term results for your skin.

We would love to introduce your to skin needling. Get in touch with our team of expert skin therapists today to discuss your unique skin treatment program.