In our mini blog series, we’ve covered two really important factors to achieving success with your laser hair removal. In this post we are going to cover how your laser technician is a vital part of the process.

As you’ve read so far, a great hair removal treatment is more than just a few buttons on a machine. It is in knowing everything about hair and skin that makes for a really successful treatment.

Sure, many things can be learned from a crash course in laser but most of the intricacies of laser are learned over time, with experience and many hours of hands on treatments.

Everyone’s laser journey, hair, skin, hormones, genetics, health and bodies are completely different. ALL of these things contribute to the success of your laser treatment. Working with a technician who understands that you’re different to the previous client, means you aren’t just getting a one size fits all.


Our thorough consultation process is all about understanding the uniqueness of YOU! 


An experienced therapist knows how to get the best performance from a laser machine but also knows what to look for throughout the treatment to ensure each and every laser shot is getting results.

We spoke about skin responses in our first post and how some therapist might fear a skin reaction during a laser session.

A skin response isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Seeing slight redness or follicular swelling in the treatment area is a managed response a highly skilled laser technician monitor’s this to ensure each session is effectively clearing the hair follicle, from the very first session.


Working with a therapist who knows the difference between a correct follicular response versus a more serious and potentially negative reaction means that each session is performed with safety but is also successful.


Understanding skin and hair types and skin and hair colours, a proficient laser technician uses this knowledge to work safely yet effectively to achieve the desired skin response that results in permanent hair reduction. Being afraid of seeing any response in the skin is where a therapist edges too far on the side of caution and

We pride ourselves on getting a results quicker than predicted. Our goal is to remove hair with the fewest number of treatments.

How do you know you are working with an experienced team of therapists?


Theres no push.

If you are still not sure about investing in laser, there’s no pushy tactics. Theres no urgency to get you buying a package before a deal of the century vanishes into thin air!
There’s no hard sale to continually add more areas to your session every time you visit.

We find that laser hair removal speaks for itself. Once you see how amazing it is, you naturally consider where else you might want to have treated (we can’t promise you won’t become addicted to that smooth hair tree feeling!)


Test Patches are mandatory:

A test patch isn’t an optional extra, but a vital part of your treatment.
We know you are eager to get started with laser, but skipping a test patch does one of two things.

It risks your skin- not knowing how your skin is going to respond. We can hazard a guess based on experience but guessing is not what we do. We want to be sure that you are going to have a safe and successful treatment. Having a test patch lowers the risks and allows us to ensure the correct effective setting are being used from your very first session.

Skipping a test patch doesn’t allow us to give you the best treatment from the very beginning. Remember that desired skin response we spoke about above? Well if you skip the test patch, its likely that the therapist will default to under treating, resulting in a wasted first treatment.

If we know how your skin is going to respond, we can safely start with a setting that is higher which means a more successful treatment from the very beginning. Your first session will be optimal according to your hair and skin type making your first session immediately effective.

At Skintifix we do two things. We fix skin and we kick ass at Laser. That’s it. Our entire ethos is built around transparency and education that empowers you to choose the right team for you.

If you have any questions, or you’re feeling overwhelmed with where to start, we would love to welcome you in for a complimentary consultation and test patch.


Wether you choose us or not, we would love to share our knowledge with you and help you make an informed decision about laser and if it is right for you! We’d love to show you that when done correctly, Laser Hair Removal is one of the best things you could ever invest in.

If you missed the first two parts of this blog series, you can find them right here and here!

We hate seeing unwanted hair hold you back from life, we hate even more seeing you enduring countless sessions of laser that are not reaping the results you deserve.