This summer, our country was hit with the worst fire season to date.

Aussies dig deep, we know how to give and we give all we’ve got when we’re up against it.

I don’t think any of us realised the gravity of the situation and whilst we’d all been donating when and where we could since November last year, it was pretty clear that more needed to be done.

In January we pledged that $1.00 from every dermaviduals product sold would be donated to bushfire relief.

Our boss then decided she would match it dollar for dollar to be able to double our donation and give even more.

Together we raised $546.00

We know major charities were receiving funds but we wanted to see if we could find a way to directly impact someone who needed support.

One of our clients, Louise works for the Forestry Corporation of NSW.

When she came for her next appointment with us, we knew she would be able to help us find someone who was significantly impacted. Knowing what we wanted to do with the funds, Louise set out canvassing to her network to see who we could help…

She directly knew of 3 families who had lost everything in the fires.

Each of them out fighting and defending other properties, only to return home to find everything they owned, decimated. burnt right to the ground.

Meet Errol and Joyanne from the southern part of Bega.

Fire roared through the southern part of the Bega Valley and claimed the family home. Errol tried to deter the fire but lost the battle to save his home and with it, over 100 years of family history, as well as farm equipment, hay in the hay sheds, animals and more.

Andrew, Katrina and their two daughters from Lake Conjola.

Andrew was fighting fires and saving other people’s homes when fire claimed his own house. Katrina says her youngest daughter had a ‘funny feeling’ on the morning of the fire so was carrying her favourite things in a backpack, whilst out with her sister and Mum on a shopping trip to Batemans Bay. Those would be almost the only belongings they retained by the end of the day.

There was little warning of the fire that engulfed the small township of Conjola. Sadly, Andrew and Katrina lost the house they had built 25 years before and everything in it. All Andrew was left with was the fire-fighting gear he had on that day.

On New Year’s Eve, after being unable to save his own home, Andrew put his own life on the line to save the lives of several people, driving them out of the fire to the safety of the waterfront, returning several times to collect more people. 

Mark and Sharon from Tumbaruma.

These two people have been integral to the community of Tumbarumba for generations and Mark has dedicated his career to forest stewardship and fire fighting in the region.

Just a couple of months before their 38th wedding anniversary, they lost their property, including their house, Marks, “man cave” used for family gatherings and all of their belongings, in the devastating fires that impacted the Snowy region of NSW.

Mark and his family continue to work in fire management roles even now, assessing State Forests to make them safe post-fires.

We know that this small gift is but a drop in the ocean when rebuilding a life but we hope that it brightens their day.

We are sending each of these families $200.00 worth of eftpos vouchers to use in any way they need.

We know it will also have a flow on effect to their communities, having that money spent in local businesses helping another family who’s livelihoods has been impacted by the fires.

To everyone who topped up, restocked and bought their dermaviduals products in January, THANK YOU!

It is all because of you that we were able to do this.

Thank you for trusting us to find the right place to send your money.