A day in the life of your skin expert

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My job is the best job in the world!! I know I keep saying it so I thought I best show it so I’m going to take you along on the journey of my day!!
It all starts the minute my feet hit the floor! I eat breathe and sleep SKIN CARE so of course my day starts with my own routine. Every morning I take 5 minutes to apply my skin care- I have a full regime cleanser, lotion, serum, eye cream, moisturiser and sunscreen. (I should actually time it because I think 5 minutes is probably munch longer than I actually take!)
8:30am I arrive at work and begin to set up for the day. My first client is 9am so my team and I turn on the equipment and open up the clinic ready to welcome our clients! We each read through client files to refresh on where our clients are up to in their treatment plan and discuss any extra jobs that need to be done that day.
9am: My first client of the day is having laser hair removal. This is her 5th treatment and it’s so exciting to see her results. She has had about 70% reduction in hair and can’t believe how different She feels.
9:20am: Next up I’m greeting a new client who is interested in laser hair removal. We chat about her concerns and develop a treatment plan that will give her the best results. I do a test patch in the areas she is considering and make an appointment for her first full treatment. She is excited, I am excited! I love introducing clients to laser as I know how amazing she is going to feel within herself knowing the freedom that laser hair removal brings! I have a few minutes before my next client so I update client files before setting up for my next appointment.

10am: This young lady is having a facial. This is her third treatment and already her skin has improved. Her concerns were pesky breakouts and pimples that took forever to heal. In a short space of time her healing process has improved and already her skin is less inflamed and angry.
11am: I have two more laser treatments- a mans chest and a ladies lip and chin. Body and facial hair can be such a source of kill joy. Something as seemingly insignificant as stray hair becomes something that holds people back from living an awesome life. That insignificant hair is something that robs confidence and steals self-worth. It is amazing to see our clients change as treatments progress. The hair reduces, the confidence increases! THIS is what gets me out of bed in the morning!!
12:30pm: I grab a bite to eat, either a green smoothie and peanut butter on toast or some sushi from the shop down the road. While eating, I send emails to clients, just touching base,checking their skin between treatments and making sure they are using their products as directed.
1pm: I do a quick inventory of stock and place an order, chase up other emails and deal with the running of the business and then set up for a skin analysis.
1:30pm: Skin Analysis. This is my favourite part of the day. Meeting new clients and teaching them about their skin, why it’s doing what it’s doing and how we can work together to improve it. There’s usually several light bulb moments during this consultation as we begin to make sense of things that have confused or never made sense before. Setting out a program to turn skin conditions around excites me because within a few weeks in I know that there will be significant changes both to the appearance of my clients skin but also in their confidence! For me its got nothing to do with the thrill of the chase but the person inside the skin and how our skin care solutions can make them feel.

2:30pm My next booking is a man who hates back hair and is almost at the end of his treatment course. He has already achieved 80% reduction and is really happy with his result. He loves that it is coming into summer and for the first time ever he can take his shirt off at the beach and feel like people aren’t staring at his hair.
3:30pm I have another skin treatment booked in this afternoon. This client has been having little bit of trouble with her skin, Its only early in her treatment course so results are in the early stages. Our job as a skin therapist is to walk our clients through these early stages when results look like they are a lifetime away. True skin correction doesn’t happen overnight so knowing the stages of response and the cellular process that it happening can help reassure through this process

5pm: The last client for the day has left and we use the last few minutes to update files, tidy and prepare for another day of skin saving. Not a day goes by when one of the team doesn’t comment on the amazing results we saw today/how beautiful all our clients are/how confident that last client was when they walked out the door!
For all of us it really is what makes our job THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!
Love Robyn
Skin Therapist. Skin Lover. BS Hater